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Saravana Hospital mission to help the poor is providing succor to many of poor children who suffer from congenital heart diseases.

Nearly 2500 children die every day from congenital heart defects. 500 of them live in India. With early detection and treatment, many can be completely cured. They will return to normal, healthy, productive lives. Sadly, most cannot afford the steep cost of healthcare. Technology gives the rich what they already have but it gives the poor what they can never dream of having. Heart surgery is expensive. Without it, Congenital Heart Defect is often fatal. So Dr.P.Saravanan founder of Saravana hospital decided to try and help by sponsor the operations though a program called "NESAM". Each operation still costs Rs 1, 00000 to 200000. Dr. P. Saravanan decided to raise the money in 2 ways - through donations and by contributions from his hospital income.

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Surya Trust is a Non profitable, non-government, community based health services organization, founded in the year of 1996 , committed to improving the health of these communities.  Surya Trust works in the field of helath with the mission that “ No patient should be refused of Health care because of financial constraints." Dr.P.Saravanan, Founder of Surya Trust and a renowned Oncologist helping hundreds of Poor patients since 1992 through his own

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